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I could use some HELP!!!!!!!!


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Feb 4, 2010
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Hello everyone,

A local minor league team is offering me the ability to shoot their games. I am very excited to do this. First the GM asked me today about team photos. I said ok lets investigate it.

If you were to take a team photo how would you do it? I figured have the team sit on bleachers and use some portable lighting. I could use an A frame ladder to get up high and be level with the team. What kind of equipment would you recommend to do this?

My other question is they asked about printing? Does anyone have a good reliable online company they use for prints? They want to use my photos for autographs etc...

My other question is how would you go about charging and what kind of pricing.
I cannot help with the questions, but good luck and congrats!!!
I have seen the bleacher shots and I did not care for them too much. I like the group shots on the field better. The colors looks better.

Google Images on the subject that you are looking for to get ideas.

There are many printing posts here. do a search you will find plenty.
It's a hockey team, sorry I forgot to mention that. Shooting a team portrait on ice doesn't sound like the best idea. I know you didn't know until now. I'm just thinking out loud.
Sounds like a real good idea to me for a team portrait, just don't be running about, set your gear up and have a blast. H
Tell us a little bit about your gear? What kind of lights do you have? What kind of camera? How do you trigger the lights? Then we can help you.

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