I found 10-15 random memorials on an abandoned road


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Nov 28, 2011
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Driving through the mountains around San Diego and I came across this turn off to what used to be the old road. There's no one else around, and as I begin to walk around the bend I find 10-15...memorials? No context. Just a bunch of "In memory of" plaques down this abandoned stretch of road.

Nope nope nope. It's too close to Halloween for this.




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Interesting Dave, where the heck were you at?
Heh, um, I was out near Mount Laguna heading toward Julian. I pulled over to check out the view and saw this stretch of road that had been blocked off with concrete blocks and got curious. :p
That is very odd. Wonder if there was some sort of horrible accident there, back when that road was actually used?
You might do some searching and see if you can find anything about it. But then, you probably already have.

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