I have 2 light room folders....


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Mar 23, 2014
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Akron Ohio
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not 100% sure how to merge them together..

so i backed up all my stuff on a hard drive and added light room to a different computer. i guess it made all new files. so when i moved the old files and photos over to the other computer i now have 2 folders with light room stuff in them.. i tried to put them all in the folder but it game me the option to replace or skip the files. i thought it would give me the option to merge them together but its not.. not sure what to do here exactly... now light room is saying the catalog has moved and asking me which one i want to use. so i guess i need to somehow merge the files... can i do that somehow.
ok, i sort of have this sorted out, one of the catalogs was empty so i deleated that and now i have all the old stuff, plus probably some new files too.

in my photos on my computer i now have all the light room stuff in one folder. not sure i need all of these things or can i delete some of them.. this is all the stuff i have, can i delete any of this stuff?? as of right now i just want to make sure my photos do not loose the work i have done to them.
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Thanks for all the help jerks :aufsmaul: lol

i just exported all of my photos to a new folder so it would save all of them the way they are add add the light room editing to the photo without the editing files that could be lost attached to the photos. so i guess that solves the problem...
....hey,hey,hey...........i'm 1 of those jerks.I am still trying to figure out how I can just work on a file in the house,and pick up where I left off out in the garage.Apparently,it's not a problem,using the Cloud/Photoshop.....hopefully,Adobe will make that possible for Lightroom.

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