I have an ear infection :(


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Dec 14, 2007
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First time I have ever had one and it sucks. Does it get worse before it gets better? My ear doesn't hurt anymore but now it feels dry and closed compared to kinda runny with an ache.
no experience here, but I hope you get better soon!
It was RUNNY even???
And HURT a lot, and then started to be runny?
But now no longer hurts?
Well, either whatever kind of matter had built up BEHIND your eardrums managed to pierce them in one place (pressure relief - no more pain), and came out (runny ear), or you had an infection of the acoustic meatus, which also gives you runny ears, but nothing INSIDE was infected.

A doctor must find out WHAT part of your ear was infected. And what CAUSED the infection. Viral infections heal themselves out all by themselves, bacterial infections do require antibiotic treatment.

But as to your question whether it gets worse again ... not THIS infection. But if you leave it all untreated, the next might get worse...

Says who suffers from never-ending infections of the acoustic meatus...
I went to a doctor and he said it was an ear infecting. Gave me some pills and I have been taking them. Still hurts 5 days after taking the pills, have 5 more days left.
That's good that the doctor gave you prescriptions already. Haven't tried having an ear infection but my brother tried it once. He was given drops to put into his ear. I also had a friend who experienced "Vertigo", which really makes you dizzy. She had something wrong in her ear which caused her vision to go into circles. Do hope you get well soon and surely, the medicines would help. ;)

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