I have to edit these pictures from tonight (NWS)


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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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Tonight we arranged at the studio a make up artist, hair stylist, and a few models

I'm tired, but I did a quick edit on one to get some c/c
More to come tomorrow!

I had so much fun!

What a great "job" I have! haha

Don't forget I'm a female photog too, so it is a bit odd for me to get into this type of shoot, but I went it at it with all my power!

Well captured pin-up style. Kinda looks like she's yawning though.
Kinda looks like she's yawning though.
I think it is the splayed fingers that cause this reaction. My initial was the same, rather than a "Oh my!". This also plays to such a masculine portayal of the hand position.

I think the chin is several degrees off to form a proper 2/3rds mask. The head position is turned too far to the (camera) right and the eyelashes cross the opposite side cheek-line. I do really like the lines of the pose at the head and shoulder portion. Love the play of stocking caught in the heel. The carpet is an issue with me. My preference would be that the angle of the carpet be the same/similar angle as her left leg. As is, there is a disconnect for me. It's a geometry thing.

Thanks for sharing.
Two is better.

I agree the expression in One looks like a yawn, and immediately noticed the 'mommy tummy' but hey, doesn't everyone complain that 'perfect' models don't represent real women?

Little things like these are helpful for the rest of us though. Never would've thought about the 'surprised fingers' vs 'yawn fingers' but should I ever be looking for this kind of shot, I'll be remembering this post. one reason this forum does have value.
yep I agree!
I am too tired and sore to edit more tonight. Have been shooting since 8am.
If they are noisy, it is from facebook.
I'm on a netbook right now so I can not see noise, but it is possible.
I agree with what has been said in previous posts.
I like number two. I really like the pose and the contrast between the girls outfit and the background/rug.
I like the shoot, look forward to seeing some more :)
You could also make it black and white, and then colorize it. Make it really look old school with colorized B&W. Or maybe there is already a filter that will do that.
I think the "mommy tummy" is actually from her pushing her stomach out to form an arch in her back.
Well I already told you how much I love that shot earlier but here, why not?? :)


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