I helped some people take their photos last week...


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Jun 27, 2010
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We were just hiking and this group wanted me to take their photo, so I decided to include quite a bit of the background as well (the rest of the way up with a waterfall).

Do you guys think I should have just focused on the people and got up close or actually include the background in (so they will remember this photo? otherwise, they wouldn't know where they were).

Any other tips with group photos would be nice, thanks :)
I see no picture? or are you just asking in general?
I think including the background was a great idea. If they would have wanted just them, they could have croped it.
people tend to stand in front of things they want in the background. If they just wanted a tight shot of each other they could do that anywhere. I've been caught by people plenty of times who want the "guy with the big camera" to take their pics; I always include the point of interest, that's why they are there. You definitely did right I think.
I probably would have taken two the first one with alot of background and then one of them closer up.

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