I love my office sometimes.


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Aug 10, 2005
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The new guys are getting put through the ringer.

The guy I'm mentoring just called and asked for "Anita Deele".

The other guy just called and asked for "Gitbek Tewirk".

They both asked atleast 4 times before we were all laughing so hard they figured it out.
arrrr send them down the diy shop and ask some tartan paint :D or a long weight
A bucket of steam.
or like my army days.....tell them to ask supply for some grid squares.

I was told to get some from supply. I promptly reported to supply and asked for a map and a pair of siccors. Upon my return they were giggling and asking what took so long. I said ow nothing and handed them a box. Everyone laughed when the staff sgt. opened the box and saw a box of grid squares cut out of a map....he chuckled a bit, and I couldn't hold back. Even when he had me doing pushups for about 30 min. I laughed.
We used to do a multitude of those in the AF. Get someone to go get a bucket of flightline from supply.... they would have to go and see about getting some cleaner, supply number K9-P which supply would send them to the Security Forces K-9 unit to try and retrieve... told people that their boots were too noisy and they would need to take them to have them x-rayed (we have a dept that will x-ray aircraft parts to find fractures in the metal and they use a really hard to get off chemical to coat parts with before they x-ray it. It takes a good two hours to get it all off your boots when the joke is over.) Mean jokes we played in the military.

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