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Dec 30, 2010
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San Jose, CA
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Because young ladies are now contacting me and emailing me gorgeus photos of themselves, err nude. I swear it must be someone screwing with me, I could never get a girl to do THAT before!

Seriously though, someone got my email off and contacted me supposedly impressed with my portrature and sent me examples of her previous work, including Playboy promo type shots....ok who here is messing with me :lol:
Links to the mad photos?
they're emailed to me. I'm gonna run Opanda on them when I get home see if there's any copyright info....fess up now WHOEVER YOU ARE! LOL,

They are very well lit and posed shots, professional quality for sure and not distasteful but more Gent's magazine than art.
he has emailed them to me.. Hawt!
Nope that thumbs up is "agreement he is that awesome" heh!
she said she saw my port on MM and followed my link to FB where I had my email listed. Makes sense so far. She's 19 and wants to do some lingerie type boudoir shoot. Lives in NY but will be visiting Dad in my city soon or so the story goes.

It has to be a joke but damn it's a good one!
PICS or it didn't happen!! :er:
dont worry jwbyrson, she is not even my type.
Next thing you know, she'll be asking you to fly out to Nigeria to see her... But she'll want you to send your camera gear first. Just in case something happens to you while you're flying across the Atlantic ;)

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