I need a good photographer in LONDON for a project!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by hollisterbay, Feb 24, 2008.

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    Hey guys,

    Ok I'm not a photographer. I work as a web/graphic designer and that's my line. However I am doing a project here on the side in London and I need a photographer to help me out.

    I already have one photographer, a friend of mine - she is 18. I am 23. I feel I need one more photographer.

    I am doing a photoshoot in 2 weeks time in Central London. In a hotel.

    The project is a magazine aimed at the university market of London. The first photoshoot for this will be like I said, in about 2 weeks time. Probably like on a Friday or Sunday.

    I already have the models - I'm going for a fun sexy type of photoshoot - think FHM/MAXIM but a bit tamer than that also.

    IF anyone is interested let me know and I'll give more information. Also ifyou could let me know your age,gender and a portfolio link would help.



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