I Need help with a couple of projects, any insight?


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Mar 7, 2009
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Hi guys!

I'm new to the forums but would love to start contributing as I'm getting more and more heavily interested in photography. I have a couple of photo shoots comming up in the next little while and I was wondering if anyone would be able to "sit down" with me per-say on msn or facebook or something and answer a few questions I have in terms of how to plan out my lighting setup. I have a couple of projects but I'm still somewhat lost in terms of what kind of equipment I'm going to need.

I'm not new to photography but I still consider myself an amateur so any professional insight would be so greatly appreciated.

Please add me to msn under "v i l a r i n [at] g m a i l {dot} com" or we can Private Message as well.

Thanks again to anyone who is willin to help me out a little bit! Any bit of guidance helps.
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firstly its far better to just make a thread or two round here to ask your questions - that way people know what your after and you will also benefit from different inputs and viewpoints of various members.

Also don't leave your email address out in a forum like that - there are bots which surf the net looking for them and when they find them they direct spam (and worse) at the account
put your e-mail like this:

y o u r n a m e [AT] y a h o o (DOT) com
haha ooops. fixed it. and ill post my questions ni a bit. thanks for the advice guys !

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