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I need your expertise on something please...


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Jan 27, 2011
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Nashville, Tn
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I Frickin' HATE cloning. Seriously.

I tried to get the models wig as neat as possible, but after being outside with it and having it blown around, it was staticy and uncooperative. Still, I thought I had taken care of most of the mess, but I either over looked this little bit, or just flat out didn't notice it. Either way, I hate it and I want it gone but it's a mess.

I've tried cloning it out, but I think I sincerely SUCK at cloning.

I'm at the point where I'm about to just leave it and the hell with it.

But before I do that, I just thought I'd see if any of you had any advice or tips on how to rid at this unruly bit of hair.

100% crop:


It's the stuff coming down across her eyebrow and making a little loop back into her hair. I can't friggin get rid of it cleanly.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Have you tried working by combining the heal tool with the clone tool?
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Yeah... like I said, I just royally SUCK at it. :lol:

I'm just gonna throw away what I did and start again and see if maybe I can get it THIS time around... but... I'm seriously ready to throw my laptop off the balcony. :lol:
Can you give me your address before you do that?
And leave enough time for me to grab a flight over - only I could do with a laptop :)

And keep at it - if your learning of cloning goes as fast as your photography you'll soon be a cloning crazy expert
And keep at it - if your learning of cloning goes as fast as your photography you'll soon be a cloning crazy expert

:lol: Thanks for the confidence.

I just scared the bejesus out of my cat by randomly shouting in frustration, "OH MY GOD... It's just frickin SMEARING!!!!" :lol:

I think I just need a cake break.

Yeah. That sounds good.


I tried using the spot healing brush tool set quite small, dragging it along hair and working from outside in to get rid of some of it.

It's very clear why good retouchers get good money.

Is the other eyebrow clear? Sometimes you can do a lasso and then flip the layer, then use a layer mask and paint to blend it :)
I gave it a go and found that it is pretty difficult to remove all stray hairs. If you are looking for only a few of the major hairs to be removed, then that's not too bad, but to remove all the hairs from the eyebrow to the makeup; that's a bit more challenging.

What I find happens is you either end up with something that looks too fake, or the texture/tone don't match.

If the photo has other regions with a similar skin tone, then maybe you could rebuild from there, but my personal opinion is that it will require a ton of work, and your results may not be up to your standards.

I think the level of retouching skill it would require to make this perfectly natural looking, would probably draw the big bucks.

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