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Feb 1, 2004
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It was fun to create this one:


Don't ask me "how". The steps through PS were too random for me to even remember... :oops:

I now see that something went quite wrong on her forehead ... it is a greyish green :shock: !
The eyes look great, but as you say, the forehead (and around her mouth) are an odd colour.
It started to look this cartoonish when I used the Channel Mixer, took out all red and only played with the blues and greens (I later upped saturation on her lips and returned the hair to a warmer colour, but I did that separately). It is only now in this tiny version that I find the former "cool" tones so "dirty" ... hmph. That had not been the plan.

Though I must admit the forehead also looks greyish-green in the larger version ... oh well. But after a while of playing around with this photo, I went for the "wrong" colours (just did not plan to "go dirty" with it...).

The eyes had become a little blue in the process, I repainted the whites to white later.
Well, I must say you have a unique approach to contrast...red hair with green skin, :D but on the other hand it certainly gives the image a very surrealistic almost horror movie look. It certainly has visual impact.

If there is a "horror movie effect" that you see, then you and I see the same, for when I had reached THAT point, I thought by myself, "Whoa! This is sooo 'coooool' now, it FREEZES you!" :D

If only I had memorized my steps on the way from the original photo to here so I'd be able to purposefully REPEAT the process :roll: --- alas! It was just playing around.
Somehow I feel tempted to look for another Sabine-portrait in which she gives me "the stare" and try to re-create the effect, this time memorizing what all I did to get from a very normal photo to these "funny" colours!
Great look and fantastic eyes! The slightly off colour bits didn't register too much until I looked closer after reading the comments, very cool Corinna!
you could easily reduce the green .... but being LaFoto you would not want to ;)
heh heh the first thing that struck me with this was the 'green' tinge and I love the image. It does have a surreal edge and the tight framing works well.
The original photo is not as tightly framed, you even see some background behind her face (in the upper left corner) ... but when the play with levels, and Channel Mixer, and selective saturation and what all I did (and forgot about :roll: ) had reached this point, I felt quite strongly that there must not be any background any longer, it was only "in the way", not helping at all. So I cropped the pic tighter.
BTW, I think it is really a nice image. and it is not the colour green which causes the problem, but that it comes in patches with quite pronounced borders.
I like it, a lot. To explain it to me I would have thought not, but seeing it, yes. The image has a unique artsy look that I would never have thought to do. A true one of a kind, real art.

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