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Today is the first day of the new photo-me: I will become a strobist.

I have blanched at dealing with this over and over... every time I read something about flash my mind just goes into tangent mode and I cannot focus. But I have made the commitment to learn the basics.

I recently received the Strobist DVD set, and will sit down today to watch the first few disks (I couldn't do it on a weekend, I promised to commit that to the kids - which just means more photography :mrgreen:)

I also bought [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Minimalist-Lighting-Professional-Techniques-Photography/dp/1584282509/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1240203732&sr=8-1"]Minimalist Lighting by Kirk Tuck. [/ame]

Wish me patience, comprehension, and luck!
Careful, you use enough lighting and you'll never be happy with ambient again!
It was bound to hapen.

Resistance is futile. :lol:
SO... it's been 24 hours. If you have been using yoiur wife or GF for the subject... how is her tan coming along? :lol:
Oh, it will be a while... I have yet to acquire a flash and a stand. I'm watching the Strobist DVD set, and will go and get some of the basics tomorrow.

This may possibly be the first time in my photographic career that I found something in the Nikon flavor that I prefer over my Canon system. But strobes are strobes...

Gimme two weeks before I post some shots. I have some ideas.
This may possibly be the first time in my photographic career that I found something in the Nikon flavor that I prefer over my Canon system.
It is true that the Nikon CLS is a better lighting system... but the strobist way is to not use this system and go full automatic (which the Nikon system can also do wireless, but I'm not bragging... much... lol)

But strobes are strobes...

Definitely, my friend.

What I would suggest, if I may, is after you get through the vids, do the lessons/practices at the strobist site starting from THIS link and moving forward. It is fun to to see the stuff in action on the big screen, but the real fun is implementing the concepts in real life and testing out all this new found kowledge and playing with those toys. ;)

Gimme two weeks before I post some shots. I have some ideas.

Looking forward to seeing your work. It helps if the significant other wears a strong sunblock (SPF 175 and up), to keep from getting strobist sun-tan. :lmao:
Good luck! With a bit of perseverance, it will pay off. Strobist stuff has become my favorite part of photography.. so much to learn and experiment with, but the results can be amazing!

Also check out Joe McNally's books. They are not as technical, but very inspiring!
Ok, so far nothing. I hit the two major camera stores here in Berlin, and got even blanker stares than I had anticipated. I have read up on the gear that I want (pretty much as described on Strobist) but I thought I'd ask some front-loaded questions to see if I bump into a fan... No luck.

Doesn't matter, I will assemble what I need via The Flash Centre (thank goodness for the EU, and the unbelievably weak pound...)

I am SOO crazy into this. I absolutely must NOT forget that Mother's Day and my wedding anniversary are coming up on the same weekend... I don't think she wants a shoot-through umbrella...
I've been reading the site and nervously dipping my big toe in the water with an $11 optical slave trigger and some "borrowed" ghetto flashes but I decided yesterday I'm doing it for real and my $15 "mystery" strobe will be here on Friday. Now I just need a trigger system, an umbrella, something to hold the umbrella . . .
Strobist is amazing. I have been following his blog for quite a while. There is always something new, he comes up with. I hold him and Joe McNally (via reading their blogs) responsible for working so often with my flashe(s) off the camera.
I haven't had a chance yet to get the Strobist DVD. Be inspired and have fun.
The strobist DVDs are very cool, highly recommended to get you hooked into it. I know that flashes of one sort or anther have been around since the flash powder days, but it was David Hobby who has created such a resurgence of this aspect of photography... and done it RIGHT.

I find the flickr strobist group less helpful than the blog (like any forum, lots of garbage to wade through to find the gems of info that make it worth it), but I visit there now and then. I prefer reading the strobist blog. With people around like David Hobby, Joe McNalley, Zack Arias and others, we have access to a TREMENDOUS amount of information that can really take our photography to the next level by using off camera flash.

Beware the off camera light... it is highly addicting! :lol:

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