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Iam seriously thinking


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Nov 23, 2007
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on takinf this online photo course, has any one here taken it or into it as yet?? and how has it kelped you
link to course needed ;)
As for online courses its important to make sure that you get feedback from previous users of the course - many can be very basic in their approach and also you must remember that all the advice and input from them is going to be the same as from forums - all after the shooting event.

My own advice is that if your at the point where your prepared to pay for education in a skill like photography then getting out in the field with a tutor (and possibly a small group of other learners) and getting on the spot advice where they can help you shoot in the lighting you are in and help you better in getting the shot right "in camera" as well as editing
Overread is dead-on when they write that "getting out in the field with a tutor." You can do that with a local community college or local photography club.

Check Facebook to see if there are any photo clubs or organizations in your area.

There is nothing that will build your photographic eye and confidence like spending a little one-on-one time with a more advanced photographer.

When I was new to wedding photography I drove over 800 miles to spend some time with one of the outstanding wedding photographers in the world. Of course I ask him in advance if I could come and just be a shadow. I told him I was a just learning and wanted to watch him in action. I was completely prepared for him to tell me to get lost and pay to attend one of his paid seminars. Well... he did not say that at all! In fact he went out of his way to answer my questions and ultimately let me go on location to several photographic shoots.

I learned more in that weekend than months and months of hacking away on my own. The call and ask to show up did not always work but I would say that 8 out 10 times it was successful.

Just be SUPER respectful and do stay VERY low key. These folks are working for a living.

BTW - Calling a pro in another city is way more successful than calling a pro in your own city. Why on earth would anyone want to train a potential competitor? :D
Well, I could just list every online photo course, and my opinion about it..

Rule Number 1
When ever you reference something make sure the person knows what it is.
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Check out some more photography blogs - there are many out there. Good for feedback on online courses offered. Also worth looking at free photography courses to dip your toes in. This may help in deciding if this method of learning suits you or not. There are a few of these around, some good, some not so good. If you go for an online course, make sure they provide good quality assignments (yes, homework). This is essential for growth. The problem with online courses of any nature, is that you, at the end of the day, are in control of motivation. I agree with other comments, good to get out with other people who are experienced, and learn from them. And practice, practice, practice.
Besides mentioning what course, spell checking and a simple re-reading of your posts will make it more pleasant to read.
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