id like an opinion reguarding a camera


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Apr 9, 2009
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hi again gang

i have the minolta maxxium 300si camera and if there are other here who ha-
ve it to what do u think of it?any problems with it etc?thanks

The camera is sound, but it has sevear limitations. It is an SLR that is capable of quality photographs, however as ones experience grows the auto settings become a problem as they are difficult (at best) to override.

Bottom line, it's a good starter camera for those who are just getting started but it will be out grown quickly. It is best suited for people with no intention of getting off auto modes.
yea you cnt do anything "artie"because it is so do you over ride these limitation?also i was on a shoot when the camera stopped work-
ing.i thought it was jammed but i couldent turn it off or on and the window
where u see all the different options strated to flash.the only thing i could
think of was to remove the batteries so i did it it woeked fine after that.why
would this happen?any ideas?thanks.

Trade it/ buy an SRT 101/102.

If the meter doesn't work, buy an old Weston master light meter off e-bay, get a manual from the internet and don't look back. ;)
well i cant afford a new camera right now.i know they r very inexpensive these days but at this point ill have to wait.thanks

My father bought one of these at a Goodwill store for $6, and if you just want to "take pics" it is fine. I don't like it because there are no manual controls on it. It does take decent photos...

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