It's really cool. It does load a little slow in a few places. Otherwise very good, I like it .
at first I would like to thank the host of this forum. There are a lot of resources and a place to learn something and to share. And a nice possibility to let know others about my works. As I will add my links here and want to be a part of this forum, certainly I will put a link to this forum on all my online projects.

edit: something wrong here: I posted two times on right forum but my post appeared here again...
They Photo Manip. the **** out of there work. Pays to dump $8k+ on a nice camera.... then anyone can take a nice picture.

Overall: Props. work looks good.
I don't think the circles on the corners works great I would take it off and make that boarder look a little more worn like the rest of the design.

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