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Jan 4, 2009
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I'm struggling with what to post edit on my pictures as for brightness balance, colors, etc. If anyone has input or would like to edit, feel free!

it seems that the lighting is a little bit to hot so i tone it down a little. here is my take
Nice picture. Nice dog. :) The orginal is a bit on the warm side. I tried my hand at it. -


Antique look
appreciate the C&C and I REALLY like how the #1 picture looks. Question now is... how would I do it with CS4?
Are you shooting in JPEG or RAW?
Usually and fortunately for that picture, I do have it shot in raw. I'm becoming familiar with the use of CS4, but I guess my problem is the "Why" of what I'm changing. When I see the original, I know the coloring seems to be on the orange side of things.
If i remember correctly, it would have been incandescent. I most likely had the white balance on my camera set to something other then auto or for the correct indoor lighting. Most likely not having the forethought being a noob and all.
Most likely not having the forethought being a noob and all.
Very easy thing to miss, I do it all the time myself. Double check whitebalance and ISO as these are the 2 most common to forget about and miss/ruin a shot because you didn't realize they were wrong from what you shot the night before.
It's a white balance problem. What kind of lighting was used for this shot?

White Is White Balance

Introduction To White Balance

Tutorial: White Balance

White Balanced Explained

Thanks for those links. I looked through all of them and they gave me some really good tips and things to look for in shooting. My question is this then. If you were to set a custom WB and you took a picture of something you thought was white (or gray scale I guess...) and the picture came out warm or cold, how would you be able to get the camera to base a WB off of something that the camera thinks is white even though it came out warm or cool. Am I making sense? Like to me it seems like somehow it would be an endless cycle of the camera not using the right WB
Since I shoot in RAW I don't set custom white balance in-camera, I use a WhiBal Certified Neutral Gray Card and do my white balance adjustments in Photoshop. I just gotta remember to take a shot of the WhiBal in the same light as the subject.

Setting a custom white balance in-camera is more important if you shoot in JPEG since you can't really do white balance adjustments to JPEG in PP without making the picture look pretty bad. But yeah, if you change locations or the light changes you have to re-do the in-camera custom white balance before you shoot your subject.
I've decided to print the first picture for my sister for her birthday. The original is in RAW so hopefully that will make changing the white balance easier, and cleaning up the dirt on the floor. 2 questions.

1. how do I go about editing the white balance to bring the colors in more correctly in photoshop? (samanax I'm sure you have a great link for this!)

2. How would I determine a good size to print the photo and what format would be best to do it in?

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