If only I drive as good as I look


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Jun 17, 2013
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I think this is good as it is but could be even better.

Right now his face is almost the darkest part of the picture, even his sleeve is brighter than his face.
Darken the back and his sleeve.
Lighten and sharpen his face so that his face is the important part of the frame.

I still need to go back in and post process this, but I completely agree with your comments. My brain is still mush from the weekend; this was friday after during test & tune before a 24 stint on the track where I was crewing.
We were thinking Hugo Boss ads or something :) But thanks, I think it was one of the better captures of the weekend.

I was focusing more on taking pictures of the race team around the pits/paddock than the cars on track like I normally do and working hard on framing interesting shots.
Here's my edit and a second after a 2 hour session in the car:


any C&C welcome.

I normally don't post-process like this, but the background was dark and distracting so I wanted the subject to pop, I played with the colors to put emphasis on the heat of the day and fatigue of the driver. He was a texan that couldn't handle the VA humidity.

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