if you like the beatles...

I'm not a big fan of beetles, I don't like how they crunch if you step on them. Oh, not those beetles? ;)

Cool link! I bet the boys would like to see that one when they get home from school!
Cool... love the Beatles..(but not as much as my dad).... very impressive juggling... but its one of those things that your kids will want after seeing this... then 2 weeks later there's a ball in the garden, one under the bed and one in the garage! :thumbup:
Very cool video. I especially like his work during the drum solo. Thanks for the link!
WOW! Props to that fella!

I used to date a pharmacist and in pharmacy school, to break up the monotony of studing, they all learned how to juggle pill bottles ... ALL of them ... he said that just about every pharmacist can juggle ... just ask one ... they're happy to show you!
I loved it, Johnny! :D That was truly amazing!!! I can't begin to imagine the level of concentration that took.

Thanks for posting, that put a smile on my face. :hug::
Beauty... thanks for sharing!
i hate not having sound at work... :thumbdown: i will definitely have to remember to check that out at home... looks amazing... :thumbup:
Very cool link...and the Beatles are awesome!
WOW that blew me away...!!! talk about talent, now if he had just laid on his back and used his feet as well ;-)
thats pretty awesome!!

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