Thank you Santa!


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Feb 5, 2004
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...for letting me wake up to a white Christmas!!!!

What's that??? It's NOT Christmas? IT'S MARCH 21ST????!!!! :shock:

WELL THEN WHAT THE HELL IS WITH ALL THIS SNOW!!!! :er: :grumpy: :grumpy: :grumpy:
:lol: You too?

We have had almost two feet in the last week or so...and it's snowing again right now. Funny thing is that, before this, we only had about 3 or 4 inches all year...and that was in November.
Great. :grumpy: I complained, and now it's snowing again. :grumpy:

It's been off and on all winter here. I don't know how it's been in the rest of the country/world, but this winter has been some of the craziest weather I've seen. For one, back in late November and December we had TONS AND TONS of snow!!! MASSIVE AMOUNTS compared to normal. For a few weeks, we were getting big snow storms every 4-5 days. We were worried, as it's my step-dads first year as road commissioner! :lol: We went without sleep for like a month because he was always out plowing at night, and running this business during the day! :lol:

Then, it just kinda went away. It would get unseasonably warm, then suddenly get cold and snow...up an down and up and down. We've already had shorts weather a few times this year..and in some parts of the state not far from here it's dumping 2 inches of snow an hour, and white out conditions. Looks like it may be starting to do that here, cuz it's really pickin up .

I still refuse to wear a winter coat. I've been boycotting winter for the past month...I refuse to wear a winter coat again til November. :p
No snow in this immediate area but we're having some crazy weather here as well. (Crazy for So.Cal) It's been 58f gloomy and rainy but this Thursday it's supposed to be 72f and sunny again. Warm, cold, warm, cold, warm, cold.... :grumpy:

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