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Mar 5, 2013
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Hi I have been away for a while honing my skills. Hopefully i am getting better i think i am i have loads to share this first lot was taken at a local petting zoo my first with wild life so please go easy on me :)

This damn fish is old and really stubborn to take a good shot of. I wanted to capture almost all of his wrinkled face i think i got most of them :)
$Every wringle.JPG

If you have seen my previous work i love getting particles up close
$fish face.JPG

Sorry my son's Mario Kart t-shirt got in the way any closer and the goat would have had it :)

Prob my favorite took me a while to take the focus off the bloody cage but when in did she likes to strike a pose
$Red Eye.JPG

More to follow i have lots to show so please be patient getting time to do this is getting hard
The exposure looks fine, they're in focus, and clearly you find the subjects interesting. So, you've crossed a couple of hurdles already, well done!

These all strike me as too close in to be really interesting. For portraits of people, these would be framed ok, but we (out here in the world, random people who don't know you) find people inherently interesting all by themselves. Animals, not so much.

More context would be a good idea, here, watch your backgrounds, watch the light. The lighting on the goat's face is actually pretty decent, there's some shadows and some light, so we get more "shape" out of the picture, but nothing is too dark or too light. A bigger frame, so we can see what the goat is doing and where it is might produce more interest for us (why is it nuzzling a Mario Brother, and what on earth is it on?!)

The bird, in contrast, suffers from quite flat light, and also a lack of context.
The first image is good IMHO. I like how you composed it. Details, colors and mood are great :)
that just so happened to be my son standing there lol

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