I'm being robbed again.

Tony S

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May 23, 2011
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Eatonville, Washington
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Earlier this week some blonde woman who spoke very broken English was in my back yard with her little boy picking cherries off my tree, I said do I know you and her answer was "I'm picking cherries". Well duh...... "No $#it lady, but get the hell off my property and don't let the gate you walked through hit you on the way out" Of all the nerve.

Well it's 2:30 am and I hear a noise outside....... guess what, more thieves taking cherries. Another mother with three kids in tow this time. Caught them red handed.

Two of the young culprits caught in the open...

So I said put your hands up or I'll shoot you with my big Canon, one of them complied, but I shot them anyways.

The evil mother who is teaching her youngsters bad habits...

The third child thought it could hide behind the leaves and cherries, but I got him too...

Now doesn't this look like a guilty pair?

NO fuzzy critters were harmed, but mom did jump down from the tree and bounced off the chainlink fence once before scrambling over it. I had to use my Maglite flashlight to light them to focus and then the 70-200 with a flash on the camera to finish them off. It's a trick trying to aim the flashlight with one hand and hold the camera/lens/flash and get focus with the other. Trying to avoid the leaves on the lower limbs was almost impossible.
These are adorable, they don't even seem sorry
Great captures!
Great job Tony! I Love the comments of each photo. I had this felling I was reading a book and view of the the picture's to match the story.:thumbup:
Awwwww! Cutest thieves EVER!

Great set Tony :)
So make Coon Stew! Cook it long enough, they get really tender! ;)

(yes.. kidding!)
Great job. Thanks for posting these! I think I recognize one even with the mask.
Raccoons are never sorry. This is practically the definition of Raccoon.
I usually saw fruit trees as bird feeders - never saw raccoons in them. Good shots, but be careful. A veterinarian I know says they carry more diseases than most animals.
Wow great shots of the beautiful little thieves. :)
Great shots and I loved the commentary! :lol:

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