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Jul 14, 2005
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Most of us have a certain 'nack' for one thing or the other while shooting. Some of us landscapes, some birds, others portraits, etc. Most of us just shoot whatever...mix and match :lol: And it's always nice to get a few good shots on a single outing.

Well...I just looked at all of Corinna's structure/building photos from her NY trip and...WOW! She did such an excellent job! You would think that shooting those buildings is her specialty ;)

We have a POTM, but since I can't nominate all your shots...I'll just cast my vote for you as photographerOTM :mrgreen: Great job to LaFoto :thumbup:

Also make sure to look at her 'street' series. She doesn't look shy any more :D
Woods, you're such a sweet fella ... :hugs:

And I agree ... LaFoto is shining bright! WTG! :clap: :boogie:
ok i'v just finished viewing the epic series...... and i totally agree!.... really good shots.... i always find when i arrive at a new place to shoot that i feel a bit more inspired, than i normally would shooting around familliar places.... looks like you felt very inspired corinna!..... you should be very happy with how these turned out :thumbup:
I totally agree with you Jake, I was completely blown away by Corinna's shots of NY. I loved each and every one of them and some of them were so good that I don't believe that I’d had ever seen better. I am an architecture junkie; I love the stuff only wish that I could shoot it half as well as Corinna did on vacation. Lafoto’s got my vote for photographerOTM.
Well done LaFoto! Congrats on the photographer of the month nomination!:thumbup:
I completely agree, it was a fantastic series!
Oh ... this thread comes to me totally unexpected and the warm glow it gives me begins to feel like a hot flash (- and I am not there yet!)

Thank you so much! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:​

:blushing: :oops: :blushing: :oops: :blushing: :oops: :blushing: :oops: :blushing: :oops: :blushing: :oops:
i totally agree!!!!! :thumbup:

the entire series was very well done Corinna.
I agree too. What a brilliant series Corinna. You should be proud of your photos. Betcha that photo album is gonna look awesome.
i agree, very impressive photos of the big city... i enjoyed each one of your series... :thumbup:
me too really good, im not surprised you didnt run out of space... i would have to have bought a few more 8gb cf cards by the looks of it...

Psst, duncan: hubby's work laptop computer was the secret, and all the necessary cables to download the pics from the cards every night ;) :D :lol:
very impressive work indeed corinna... loved each and everyone of your posts... bravo :hugs: :cheer: :D

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