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May 25, 2003
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Thought I'd start off seeing as the newbies may be wondering why this place is empty :)

Most people here know me so far I think but I'll introduce myself to those who don't.

My name is Amanda
Im 26
Live in Sydney
Im an amateur and photography is a hobby. I have a digital and have only owned an SLR for a few months.
I put up photos on my photoblog most days at
I like wearing my pj pants around the house and love U2.
When I grow up I want to be a cowgirl.
Hi Manda!!

Hi everyone else. I just found this place from a link on my friend Manda's website, and I thought I would jump in, as I am myself trying to get my long dormant photography bug jumping. I am a member at a community rental darkroom and I am also volunteering every Saturday at a local gallery (Blue Sky Gallery). I am almost 32 and I live in Portland OR. I probably won't be able to share any of my pics as I do not have a scanner.

Nice to meetcha!

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you freaked me out for a moment there babe!

Everyone, this is one of the coolest and most lovely girls on the planet. :D
What the heck, I'll throw myself into the lion's den.

My real name is Darryl, I'm 34 yo and currently live in Newcastle, Australia. I say currently because my job tends to move me around a bit (Air Force).
Got into Photography while working in East Timor, but got into digital photography after buying a (crappy) Sony Cybershot while overseas last year. Dumped the Sony and purchased an Olympus C-730 in January and have since gone crazy.
I don't want to be a Cowgirl when i grow up (hate outback dunnies), I can't wear boxer shorts under jeans and i don't like mushrooms! I do enjoy MTB riding, bushwalking and of course picy taking.

now everyone's too scared to start their own thread

cowgirls are cool though lucky, im sure you'd look great in spurs
we're cooler than rockstars you know, aint that right oriecat? ;)

I always wanted to be a cowboy when I grew up. Now, pushing 60, I still havn't grown up. So, on a few weekend a month, I put on my cowboy hat, grab my six-guns and go play cowboy with about 50,000 of my friends.

When I'm not trying to play Roy Rogers, I shoot pictures. I love photography and am getting back into it after a long absence.
Hey Everyone!!!

I think I have finally found a forum where I fit in...

I am Sarah..
Minneapolis Minnesota
Stay at home mom...
aspiring photographer....
I keep reptiles also...

Nice to meet all of you...
Sup y'all

I am Chad
25 yrs of age
I live in Gilbert, AZ but home will always be in Colorado.
I work in Tech Support for online schooling

I would love to open a business idea that I have had for a while now. It involves photography, specifically a place to manipulate and print photos. A rent-a-digital darkroom if you will.
Oriecat.....I don't have a film scanner either, and you don't need one just for web posting. I wouldn't use it for printing anyway and this is the reason I can't justify buying one. Depending on the lab you use, you can have your negs or chromes scanned to a Kodak CD plus your prints or slides, and post them to a photo hosting site from the CD and transport them from there. There are several sites available for this.
I guess I forgot to mention, my main thang is black and white, and I do it myself at the community lab. But thanks for the thought, dlc! :) Actually I do have a bunch of stuff scanned that way, I always get my pics on disk when I do color. I might dig for some good shots that I got behind the scenes working on my bf's movie and share em.
Hello all!
My name is Amy. I am 21 and live in Sanger, Texas. I work at a bank during the day, but I also have a photography business on the side. I'm married to the most wonderful man on earth and we have a 19 month old son, Tyler.
Hope everyone has a GR8 day!
welcome mandapants!!!:eyebrows:

I don't think i ever welcomed you properly to the forum.

and welcom orie, hows the volunteering coming along!

and voods, its good to have ya onboard too! hows the digital rentadarkroom coming along :D
hmm for a moment I thought you want to be a girlfriend of molested_Cow here :) huh

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