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Aug 23, 2010
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Long Island, NY
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Alright, photography has always grabbed my interest, but something about camera movement and the editing process of film as truly inspired me. I've been working with films for a few years now and I'm absolutely in love with it. It became a slight hobby as I gained access to the suburban rollerblading scene. It's hotter than expected, and as a rollerblader myself I have extreme love for it. It is my main focus in my new journey into the world of photography. I have a slight collection of photos in my flickr and I am always ready to hear some criticism and such with a minimum amount of hate. Some of the photos are repetitive and some a bit cliche, but I am still working on my own style. Leave comments here and on flickr! Flickr: Jack Haggerty's Photostream
Flickr: Jack Haggerty's Photostream
Flickr: Jack Haggerty's Photostream
I like the images, but I think maybe you could try and get the focus a little more crisp. Overall, they are composed well. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you. My mom got a new camera a few years ago and passed the Rebel XT down to me. It spent some time on a shelf in my room and dust collected in my view finder so I'm having it fixed.
Not many people are willing to click on a link to visit your photostream Jack, because you don't have any reputation yet.

You'll get far more responses and not have to resort to poor forum netiquette (top), if you post 2 or 3 photos and ask for comments and critique, C&C. :thumbup:

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