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Apr 9, 2009
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With the focus sharpness of my Nikon AF 24-85 mm f/2.8-4D IF lens.

So tomorrow I am sending it via UPS to west-of-the-Mississippi, Nikon USA Service:
Nikon Inc
Suite 100
6420 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Description of problem: Picture not sharp or in focus
Pre-approved Repair Estimate: $147.00 (+ 12.95 shipping for the lens return.)
It could cost more, but it can't cost less (such is life).

I have no idea how long my lens will be gone.
Several years ago I sent in a D90 for a paid repair and had to wait for parts. The D90 was gone for 6 weeks.

I'll update the thread as the lens goes through the process.
It took a total of 5 business days for my 24-70 f2.8 to get serviced under warranty. That's including shipping time. I've sent in my D800, also for warranty work, which took about 7 business day and 1/2 it was just waiting for parts.
Good luck
I hate it when a family member is sick, I hope you get your baby back sharper then it ever was!
That's a bummer! Hope they fix it as quickly as they can so you can get your lens back. I believe Nikon still makes this lens, so there shouldn't be any wait for parts. Best of luck!
I have several other lenses.
Nikon was still making and selling 10s of thousands of the D90 when it went in for work.

My UPS receipt was printed on Tuesday 8/18 @ 11:30 am in Marshalltown, IA.

Though the lens is going from Iowa west to California, UPS first sent the lens east to Davenport, IA and then further east to Hodgkins, Illinois.
The lens arrived in Davenport Wednesday morning 8/19 @ 12:10 am, departed at 1:39 am, arrived in Hodgkins @ 4:47 am and departed Hodgkins at 6:36 AM still morning Wednesday 8/19.

I've seen the large UPS distribution center in Hodgkins from I-294.
Nikon entered my lens into their system on Thursday 8/27.
I authorized the repair on Thursday 8/27.

Payment for the repair has been pending ever since. I guess my lens is still sitting in line awaiting it's turn.

This is where my NPS membership comes in handy. I have priority in services and repair. :D
Being retired, I no longer maintain NPS status.

My lens is on the way back as of 9:52 PM 9/1 (Cerritos, CA). UPS estimates the lens will get back to me next Tuesday 9/8.
Nikon has provided zero information in the meantime as to what they did, or did not do to the lens.
I got my lens back today 9/8.
I sent it 20 days ago on 8/19.

The repair invoice is dated 8/31 @ 22:52:02 and says:
Service Repair Rank B2 (which they charge $147.00 for - plus return shipping.)

Adjust Optical Alignment (this is what was adversely affecting the focus sharpness of my lens)
Checked - Infinity Focus
Checked - Lens Mount
Checked - Aperture Operation
Checked - Image Test
Checked - Communication
Checked - Auto Focus Operation
General Check and Clean

I haven't made any photos with the lens yet.
Watching for photo test.
Looks perfect!
Are you satisfied now ?

on second thought, don't answer that ... LMAO

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