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Nikkor - S 5.8cm F/1.4 lens repair needed


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Jan 2, 2014
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Harrisburg, PA
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Dear Board,

This lens was my Grandfather's. It was purchased in the very early 1960's when he bought a new Nikon F. He had the camera modified later to accept the FTN finder and it was his pride and joy. I inherited the FTN when he passed and a few years ago I had it CLA'ed along with having the light seals and mirror foam replaced. I'd like to keep using the camera.

Outward appearance is typical of a lens that was used though the 60's and 70's recording just about everything the grandchildren did. There is a modest amount of paint worn on off the focusing ring but overall I'd rate it 70 to 75% of new. It is still operating at 100% with unmarked glass with one exception.

The bottom most element has a sheen of oil on it most likely from the aperture blades. I would like to get the lens repaired. It is not something I wish to attempt on my own despite the You-tube videos. The lens has great sentimental value to me and I don't want to damage it further trying to save a couple of $'s.

Can anyone give me an approximate cost for the repair? I am considering spending $ 100.00 - $ 150.00 for the repair. It that a reasonable cost estimate or am I way off base? If my estimate seems in line can any of you also recommend a reputable repair shop for the job? A shop in the NE USA would be preferable though I will consider other areas of the country. I don't want to send it overseas.


Tim Murphy
Harrisburg, PA

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