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Oct 20, 2011
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be a sports shooter AND wrestling mama again tonight...


Mine is the one holding the kid making the faces in the "Crucifix"
My 8th grader just made it to the Varsity Section Qualifiers for NY Section IV Wrestling...
Not bad for an 8th grader in a prime weight class
Congrats.... and pass them on to him also! :) Cool stuff!
Thanks, Charlie! I am not sure which one of us is going to burst first-him or me! He's so over the moon to be going. It was a LONG, HARD road for him to get there! He's the youngest kid going from our section. The rest are all at the very least freshman and most of them are seniors, so he did pretty good!
I'd love to see him at states, but I'll be giddy if we see him make the third round of Sectionals!
Including every possible element of the situation in the frame, this is a fine shot.... and congratulations to him and best of luck to his future ventures :D
The shot could DEFINITELY be better... and I could have uploaded it anywhere other than facebook, but I posted it for him and just had to share... Cuz I am kinda happy for him! LOL!
Thanks guys!
I think its a great photo!!!
Congrats to him! That's not an easy feat. Good for him for working hard to achieve his goals. Good on you for teaching him those values ;)

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