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Mar 26, 2006
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:hail: Ok so im used to taking photos of todlers and little babys, and most of the time there great and i get on well with them making them photogenic, But now we come to the girlfriend, she just wont have her picture taken! :lmao: And i want one, Are there any special tricks to use when you want to take a photo of someone thats not gona' have it!?
My girlfriend is a bit like that too.
Some people just don't like having their photo taken. If you take a sneaky one and she catches you it'll make it more difficult to get another because you'll make her aware that there's always a chance of you taking her photo.

I think the best way is to reassure her that you like or love her photo and you won't show it to anyone. Take a few then suggest that her mum/dad/sister would like one. They'll give more compliments and hopefully it'll snowball. She'll appreciate the compliments but more photos needed for more compliments.

It might work....it might not but it's probably the best way to go about it.
Two ways. Set the camera on the tripod. And use a wireless remote to take her pic when she thinks its safe.

Other choice is to not push her. Just reassure her that it will be fine. Then give her the option to delete the ones she doesn't care for.

Tell her you want to practice and will delete any bad ones. If you get a really good one. Make sure she views it.
Maybe she is feeling intimidated by the camera? Tell her you have no film in your camera and have some fun helping her feel more relaxed (of course you have film in the camera, it's just a white lie).
Definitely in the top 5 questions ever asked. Of course children and puppy dogs are going to photograph well. Generally they are cute no matter what they do.

Adults bring their own perception to a photograph. Through experience we realize that we may not look like the charming, beautiful person we personally see. Kind of like listening to our voices recorded. Always disappointing.

Our power as the photographer is the only hope. It is 50+ percent up to you to get the shot. Maybe it is taking 200 exposures or just getting her to sit in her comfortable chair. Long story short; there is no special tricks. Just takes some time.
Thats a good bit of advice, Thanks! Ill try it tonight and let you no how it goes.

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