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Aug 28, 2010
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Beirut, lebanon
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Hi all,

i get this a lot , i get a client wanting to remake a copy just the same as a picture he brings me and they usaly dont have neither negative or the digital photo so i used to go for a scannig but it dosnt get the right color neither dos it get the detail and the life that the picture has, so i started photographing the pictures, so i would like to know if any1 has any other way of make making an exact copy or actually tell me how if there is a way to photograph pictures , espacialy ones i cant remove from the glass frame (if they are old)

would realy appreciate any kind of proffesional advice i can c there are lots of pros here;)
Sounds like it might be infringing someone's copyright.

It would depend on the copyright laws where you are.
no actualy its not violating any1 i never remake picture taken by other photographers,
somtimes i get picture taken by my clients by ordinary cameras that they dont have the original file or the negative if its film,
i own a photography studio i cant just violate pictures taken by others or i will be fined

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