Impact (poem)

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    The impact throws me to the ground where I lay sprawled upon my back,
    The blood is warm and it tingles the back of my head,
    I wish I could move but it hurts too much
    So I settle to laying there staring at the sky as the clouds drift above me.

    My field of vision goes blurry but I still see the tall strangers around me,
    Staring down at me, the perfect specimen of this feeling,
    This depression pushed to its limits.
    It takes the greatest self-control to keep myself from sobbing,
    The sobs hurt my sides and I don't want them to see the tears,
    These threatening strangers,
    I don't want them inside of me, digging and piercing me
    All by the opening of some emotion I've kept hidden.

    My breathing slows and I faintly feel someone take my hand,
    I try to pull away not wanting to be consoled
    Not wanting a reprieve from this...

    "Wait a little bit longer it's not too late" the voice calls out as if from a dream.

    I'm spiraling down into the dark,
    Twisting and turning as I fall,
    The wind blowing back my hair matted with blood
    Forcing me to close my eyes and accept
    The consequences of all the times I lay down
    And allowed myself to descend into sorrow
    When I had so much to live for,
    When I had... so much... to live for.


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