A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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That's all I'm sayin' just the title, I'mperfect.
Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for taking a look.

PR, you gotta stop bonking your noggin on whatever that cool shadow liney thing is. You are getting it all dented and out of whack.

Actually the imperfections are what keep me staring at it.

Also I keep trying to decide what it is.

Also I think it may be hypnotizing me.
I stared at this a while.

If I didn't know the title, I would have jumped up with "if you wanna do a picture like this, you should make sure the lines are really straight!"... but then knowing the title, I wonder... and then I see the dents and I wonder...

I dunno. It's neat. That much I can say.
Sheet metal siding of some sort... cool! Nice lighting gradient... and the imperfections add a touch more texture.
Sheet metal siding of some sort... cool! Nice lighting gradient... and the imperfections add a touch more texture.

that's what I was thinking. Also, the imperfections look very specific, almost like golf ball dings on an enclosed driving range, where maybe the golfers shot REALLY got away from them.

I dig it, it's certainly curious.
Good morning and thanks all :) I like that its so simple but keeps ya looking, originally the plan was to make it "perfect" but I couldn't find an undamaged area so I stepped a smidge right to give the lines the slight opposite slope top and bottom, the "perfect" one didn't keep my eye as strongly as this version for some reason so I let it be imperfect ;)
I like.
I like subtle clues in abstracts that point to what the object might be. The trick is not making them too obvious or too inconsequential.
Nice tones in the conversion.
Thanks Sleist :)

This is actually the colour version ;)
Yeah, right... and this is my central heating radiator.
Wanted to make it all parallel, but was afraid it would lose its subtle artistic clues. :sexywink:

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As an aside I almost called this Corner Relief since my eye only feels "comfortable" when it goes to the bottom left, then it gets lost in the lines only to find relief in the corner again.
Kept me staring for a long while and makes the eye go all wonky. ;) Really cool!
Sashbar, thanks? I'm not sure if you are serious or making fun ...

Ron, ha, I have no clue what caused the damage, very well could be hail.

Carol, thanks! I'm glad others are looking at it for a while also and I'm not just odd for getting caught up in it ;)
That wall needs some graffiti. ;)

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