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Dec 9, 2007
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Hey, I just got my camera tonight so I decided I'd take some pics.

Anyways, I took this off my deck. I was just wondering how I should improve upon this technically - I was just kind of messing around and put it on the deck railing. I think that the I messed something up with the exposure... or maybe where I was focusing? It didn't come out as clear as I would like.


ISO 400
30 sec
technically, things i see that could be improved are using a lower ISO to lessen noise -no need for higher ISO with steadied camera and long exposure anyway. A smaller f/stop will give you a greater depth of field -but that is really your call and depending on the subject. Biggest issue i think is just the noise. You can play with exposure over multiple takes with slightly different settings so that is also up to you.

I don't know if you want a critique anymore than that?
I would try taking it again right around dusk so it's dark enough that you get the lights to show up nicely but the sky will have much better contrast with the ground. Of course the light quality and color will be totally different, so it will have a different mood entirely, but I think it's fun to play with.
At any rate, congrats on getting the camera, I got mine exactly a month ago today, so I'm still excited too! :D

That would also allow you to drop the iso, I see you already have a 30-sec. exposure with a fairly wide aperture, so you are forced to use the iso-400 setting which is pretty bad for noise on our XT(i)'s sensors. Try noise reduction in software if it bothers you.
Cool Pic! Looks like you are having fun with the new camera! I enjoy taking shots like this whenever I can.

My opinion is to play around with a few different settings. The sky could be a little darker. I probably would try a lower ISO also and see what you get.

Great pic where is this taken?

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My suggestion is: use a smaller aperture. The effect on the light sources is going to be nicer. Lowest ISO possible is another thing to do. Though, come to think of it, it already took ISO 400 and f4.5 to get this exposure ... in pitch dark night you might have to go BULB and expose for longer when you lower your ISO and stop down more... :scratch:

Try it. Small apertures give you nicer lights and less ISO will give you less noise.

And then one important hint has been given already: don't wait until it is pitch dark. Take your night photography at dusk. That helps heaps, too!

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