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Mar 25, 2005
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This is an old one, but i don't think I've posted it before

"Oops. I'm late again!"

Nice one ... but it makes me wonder if it is a real panning shot or if you created the effect afterwards. (The roof of the house is unaffected by your panning, that is why I ask).

And hey, those people have very un-British cars parked in their driveway, haven't they?
hi LaFoto

honestly, it's a real panning shot. I took it from a moving car so maybe that's way it's got this unusual effect. Must admit it is a difficult one to explain.

Yes, those cars look american to me. I didn't notice them until i came to process the images. They must be a collector or something. I think it just adds a little extra dimension
I'm guessing the the column being closer to you provided the effect and the focus (matrix style?) may have been targeted more on the house. Just a guess though. Looks cool.

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