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In Death as in Life


A golf ball? … that was a swift death I hope. :icon_sad:
Ain't it a tad on the yellow side of the spectrum, Jeff?
You are right, looking at it now, it is. Hmmm. Updated. I went back, and the LR image did not have the extra yellow, so I looked at it in PSE, and I think it was PSE smart fix that yellowed it more than it should have been.
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A golf ball.... that's damn unlucky.
A golf ball.... that's damn unlucky.
Yep. And some fool with a camera was out there too...
Jeff, to be honest, I don't see a much "photographic" value in that shot ;)
What would you suggest in way of improvement? I keep all my RAW images. I think death is as much a part of our world as anything else. When I first saw the critter, I couldn't tell if it was dead or alive, and wasn't until I got a closer look at the eye that I could tell that it was definitely dead.

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