In love with Full Frame already


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Jan 2, 2014
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Atlanta, GA
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Taken with my new 6D at like 10pm with minimal lighting in this coffee shop tonight.

Noisy as ****, and a terrible photo BUT yeah.. snapped without even thinking.

SO much better than the crop 60D.. not even funny..

And I haven't really gotten the hang of my new 6D yet, so once I do... ya'll better watch out :345:


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12,800, when I was a kid, I had an old handheld light meter that topped out at ASA 12,800, which was at that time, like a FANTASY!!! At that time, color negative film had not yet hit ASA 200...

And here you are, shooting at f/4.5 at 1/160 second indoors under artificial light, at ISO 12,800... yeah, times are good!!! I would say it's a bit under-exposed actually, but you know, the image at this reduced, on-screen size is imminently usable. This really is a golden age of photography we are in right now. I'm glad you've gotten yourself a capable, new, high-tech camera.
Hahahha! Derrel! Yeah, the ISO on this thang is CRAY. and yeah, it's definitely got some issues but they are just test shots.
You don't have to have full frame to do that.
You love full frame after.. like 10 minutes? Lol... Ok, I'm convinced. Time to look at stepping up to full frame myself I guess.

Congrats on the new gear, keep us posted!

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