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Mar 19, 2006
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hi there,
I have an indoor shoot this weekend. I have the backdrop and the lights etc...but the practice photos came back slightly fuzzy. I'm using 400 speed film but should I be using a slower speed? I want to get the subject and the backdrop in sharp focus.

Maybe I wasn't setting the apature correctly?
any help would be wonderful
To get everything in focus you want as high an aperture as possible, but assuming your subject is standing next to your background you can probably get away with about f5,6 (proper portrait photographers will probably tell you I've got this wrong, so best wait for a second opinion!)

If you could post examples that would be great, does slightly fuzzy look like out of focus, or are bits of it in focus and other bits not? What camera are you using and does the lens need cleaning?

What is fuzzy, the subject or the background?

If it's just the background that is fuzzy, then you need to stop down the lens to get more DOF, you may have to use a slower shutter speed or a faster film...depending on your lighting.
the whole picture was out of focus. Although, when I took the picture as far as what I saw through the viewfinder was total focus and proper light.
I don't have a scanner or I'd send a picture.

I'd even say that the picture was a bit on the dark side.

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