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    I just bought an Induro tripod and ballhead.

    I was looking for something that could get pretty high because i am very tall, Something sturdy and well built because i have a tendency to be a little tough with my stuff in general.
    My budget was ... as low as possible, hopefully under $250. I looked at my local camera store at some Velbon and Manfrotto stuff. For this price i was leaning towards the Manfrotto 190 series but it was a little too short for me. I Also considered the slik 700.
    Even though they don't have very many reviews i took a chance and bought the induro A214 that costs $141 at B&H. It is a very good tripod. It seams very well built and extremely sturdy compared to the Manfrottos 190 I have had in my hands.
    I don't have very much wait to put on it yet. Hopefully it will come and then i will be able to tell you if the ballhead is good.
    Now i am just worried about how it will age. It might just be because of the "Made in China" tag.
    The future will tell us.


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