Infrared, people in Winter sun.


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Aug 31, 2007
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Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia.
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IR shot from yesterday, b&w and high contrast blue filter applied in CS3.

It doesn't have the IR look about it. It looks like a super-well contrasted b&w photo. And don't you need to work with long shutter speeds when you put on the IR-filter? How could the persons not have motion blur?

All those qustions out of the way I must say I am totally taken in by the contrasts of this photo! Wow! it is GOOD. The beach of Trieste it is, isn't it (have seen your other IRs in the General Gallery! Also good, though I am having a harder time with colour IR, it is very, very interesting, and I would LIKE to once be able to create some, but I STILL have a hard time with the "wrong" colours - just like some music by Maurice Ravel doesn't sit totally right with me when in general I really like his music, just for example).
Corrina that's the great thing about digital IR, it's so flexible. You can make really good b&w photos with great tonal range by using different filters...same with b&w film really. Also as my camera has been converted to produce false colour, I can have many colour combinations....that's why there's no blur, conversion means normal exposure times. Ahhh right and wrong, to me those terms don't exist....well not in photography anyway lol, I prefer 'different' :). Granted most people don't like IR period, personally I'm quite happy about that as it means the playground is less populated.....glad you like the image!
I have trouble looking at it. There isn't a point of interest, or any main subject...and it's really hurts my eyes.

Cool effect, but perhaps the wrong frame.
its really sharp and contrasty, hurts my eyes a bit too,
but Id love to see something like this with a ground level shot of beach sand or cobblestone or something, incredible contrast works well on textures...

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