Initial shots w/ new lens


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Dec 14, 2010
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Exploring my new 28mm f1.8 G lens on a Nikon D750 body.

Lawn mowing professional

DSC_0724 (1).jpeg


DSC_0734 sm(2).jpeg
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Very good set but number one for me......
Thanks Jeff. Me too.
I was shooting a variety of shots wide and close seeing how the lens handles them.
Because I have to get closer to the subject to fill the frame with a 28mm it gives a more intimate feel. Lens looks sharp on the edges on the wide shots too. I think it will do fine for landscapes as I was hoping. I will explore it further.
I'll have a 2 lens kit now with this 28 and my 180. It's a big spread. Maybe I'll add the 50mm f1.4G for it's compactness and to fill the gap. I'm in no rush.
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I really love this 28mm lens. I think I did right purchasing it. We were going to go to the Smokey Mtns this weekend and try it out there, but the weather is no so good. I'll see what I can find around here.

Here's a snap shot from the other day when I received the lens. A little curvature but easily manageable.
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Nice set. I like the last shot best, I really like that flag of the original 13 colonies.
Not too shoddy for first shots. I think the exposures will need a wee bit of getting used to but yeah, decent start.

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