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Innovative light painting technique


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Sep 14, 2011
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Hi I'm new and just getting back into photography to help promote the tables I build. I found another furniture maker on the net who explains a light painting technique where he uses a black background, 10 sec shutter speed and a flashlight to make professional looking photographs on a tight budget. I just bought a new T7 with the usual 18-55 kit lens and I plan on trying to duplicate his technique the best I can. But before I put a lot of effort into it I thought I'd run it past the knowledgeable people here for some advice and direction. The video will explain it better than I can. I edited it so it pretty much gets explained in the first minute of the video...

Any advice on how I can improve on his technique?
I've used light painting on many occasions in conjunction with image stacking. Mostly a lot of trial and error as in here Secrets and Christmas Delivery Its not all that difficult.
I did some light painting back when I started back in photography. Old buildings and cars were my favorite subjects.

For light painting you need a relatively dark place to shoot, a good light source (I used a Maglight), and I set my camera on manual mode on a tripod with a remote shutter release. To add interest, add color filters to your light source such as blue or red. I had some colored lenses from a swimming pool light that worked well.

I wish I still had those images but I lost them in a HDD crash. That is why I tell everyone to back up.

Not true light painting but an example of how a color filter may affect the outcome.
Dallas - geenfoto

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