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Dec 14, 2007
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Margate, Kent, UK
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Hey all,

Just wondered how oftern people get inspired to actually take a picture, or try and create something. I'd want to say all the time but I know theres times when I just...don't. I've had my camera a short while but I just feel like I'm not using it as much as I could. I think I should have it stuck to me all day before I've got my moneys worth.

Just now I did a few shots of my guitar and I can get on with editing them, but I just wondered what other people thought. Am I the only one that has trouble thinking of good ideas for shots?

Anyone else still clueless about what presents to get people for christmas? lol little off topic but still...
I often see pctures I want to take just walking around. Sometimes I get ideas and just get home and do it for the sake of practice.

Personally, I am so filled with ideas and things that I want to learn about, I never run dry.

Christmas... for the first time in my life, this year I am finished shopping weeks in advance. I love it and think that I will do it from now on. Just think, no need for the electric cattle prod anymore just to get from one side of the store to the other!

Anyone need a slightly used Walmart cattle prod? LOL!
I walk around and see things I want to take pictures of, the downside to DSLR's if the fact I cant really carry one round with me all the time, something I would probably do with a normal P&S...

I love taking pictures, its hard to explain the feeling...

today I took some pictures of my guitar, after going through them all there were about 2 i liked, so im going to work on them a bit later. I always have some form of idea in my head it just seems I'm going the wrong way about it. Do you take a fair few pictures and only like one or two, or are all of yours perfect :D

I've got one more day of shopping to do. Two more gifts and im done... always leave the wrapping to someone else though...

hopeless at that lol

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