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Parents living failed dreams through their kids?
Yeah...sickening and pathetic.
I have to disagree. The family is making good money, the child is happy and the photos are all tasteful.
Are they exploiting the situation, Sure they are, but no different than any other child actor/singer/personality.
The "Toddlers in Tiaras" stuff is to me not the same. It's a fine line though.
My child will not be posted on social media or use social media till she/he is old enough to comprehend the implications of such a thing.
Social media for the most part is a disease. I just want my child to be old enough to not get sucked into the BS of it all or hopefully not have an interest in it. Having seen what it has done to/brought out in my sister and my younger step sister, I don't want it to happen to my child
Scatterbrained said:
Lets all sit and wonder... Who names their child "Princeton"?!
The same kind of people who name their kids Lexus, Mercedes, Prince, Lord, Lordess, etc.

Kanye West sings a lyric about that in his hit song, All Falls Down...

"...couldn't afford a car, so she named her daughter (a) Lexus...."
Those kids are going to be horribly narcissistic jagoffs when they get older.
This is nothing new - we had child models - popstars - etc... for as long as we've had products targeted at kids and parents of kids.

I would say its potentially a new level of marketing (that has likely been going on for ages already) and that there is a potential that in 10 or 20 years time these kids might regret or think differently of their global marketing. It's a very new thing to the world and it will be generations before we really know how to deal with it or what the potential fall-out could be.

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