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Jul 31, 2012
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After many years of getting to know myself, my strengths and weaknesses; the one thing I have decided I am really good at, is being a pain in the ass!

I :heart: to nag people.

Which, as it turns out, isn't all bad, when it comes to helping motivate people.

Just ask my husband. Whether the motivation comes from an attempt to put an end to the nagging or out of pure frustration it seems to get things done.

So I am just going to throw this out there for anyone who needs a little extra motivation.

A little help pushing themselves to accomplish something they have been meaning to.

I am available to nag your ass until you get it done. And only 'cause I luv my TPF family. Free of charge of course. I'm just generous that way ;)

Please note there are limitations for what I am willing to help someone to accomplish... up to and including world domination... not going to reference anyone in particular but you know who you are.

Seriously though, if you think a little nagging can help, feel free to PM me.
World Domination Through the Power of Persistent Nagging, by coulda' been a great book title!
I used to do that for a living. :lmao:

No, seriously. I worked for a publishing company: my official title was Editorial Production Manager, but my JOB was to nag the snot out of editors, copy editors, researchers, art directors and typography department until they finally got so sick of me that they would DO their durn jobs! :lol:
It was their job to make sure the articles were written and edited and researched, and the artwork was submitted and placed in the media, and the layout was right, etc. MY job was to make sure they did all that ON schedule so the magazine or whatever media it was would actually go to prepress and out to print on time.

I was REALLY good at my job. :D
I had one editor who wouldn't answer his phone--for ANYone (this was back before Caller ID)--because he was afraid it would be ME.
Another editor was always super pleasant and ALWAYS responded with "I'm just about to get to that article. I'll do it next." Problem was, he'd say that EVERY time, even if I had to call him about six different articles in one day. And then the next day, NONE of them would have moved on and I'd have to actually go up to his office to get him to start on what needed to move along. But at least HE didn't HIDE from me when he knew I was coming, like at least one of the editors did. :lmao:

Oh yeah, that was a GREAT job. The ironic thing was, I was pretty good at nagging them and keeping things on schedule, but I S*CK at it, personally. I am the World's Best Procrastinator (most people call it the World's Worst Procrastinator, but it seems to me like that would mean you're not very good at it...) Not only do I put off til tomorrow what I should be doing today, but then once I put it off and see that, in fact, it DIDN'T "have" to be done today, I figure it probably doesn't really need to be done tomorrow either. :D
I am going to keep my mouth shut.
sm4him - That is a great story.

It was when I was in accounts receivable for a growing company that I really discovered this as my strong point. Everyone hated me in the sales dept which meant I did my job pretty well. Of course when you are helping someone achieve their own goals they tend to be a little more receptive.
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