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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Jeff Canes, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Jeff Canes

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    Leeward just recently joined the TPF this June, hope this little Q&A interview help us know leeward better, it you all have other questions please post them as a reply.

    Thanks Jeff Canes

    1. What is your given name?

    2. Why did you choose your user name, what’s the story behind this name?
    a) Combination of parts of my name. Use this name everywhere

    3. Have you taken any photography classes?
    a) Nope

    4. What format do you shoot mostly? (35mm, MF, LF or digital) Why?
    a) 35mm I figure it's more challenging although the wait time sorta sucks.

    5. What is your favorite camera you own? And what is your dream camera?
    a) My Canon Elan II. Just purchased it. Awesome. Dream camera is either the Elan 7NE or the Digital Rebel.

    6. If you couldn't do photography as a hobby or professional, what would you do instead?
    a) Dunno. I'm sure I could find something to pass the time.

    7. Who or what was the main influenced that got you interested in photography?
    a) I have no idea. Just picked up my dad's old Yashica camera and started shooting.

    8. When did you first become interested in photography?
    a) About two years ago.

    9. How would you describe your photography skills? In what areas do you fell you need improvement?
    a) Mediocre. Certainly no professional. need improvement in every aspect of the game. not perfect at anything but would probably pass most of the tests, albeit not flawlessly.

    10. Who is your favorite professional photographer?
    a) Don't have one.

    11. Any hobbies? (Other that photography)
    a) I love almost any sport.

    12. Are you going or have gone to collage?
    a) havent' and don't plan to.

    13. If you won $5 million dollars, what would you do with it?
    a) spend it on $5 millions dollars worth of stuff

    14. That type car do you own or would like too?
    a) None. would rather own a Hummer

    15. Is music important in your life?
    a) Pretty much.

    16 .Who is your favorite singer or band?
    a) don't have one. every singer or band has at least one song that i would listen or try to play.

    17. Do you like or play any sports?
    a) love them and play them.

    18. What is your favorite type of food?
    a) fried or barbequed.

    19. What is your age?
    a) twenty one

    20. What one word would best describes you?
    a) Some people would say i'm tempermental. i hate to describe myself.

    21. You’re new to TPF so is there anything more you want the other member know about you?
    a) i play the banjo. Does anyone actually know what that is?

  2. Meysha

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    Feb 21, 2005
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    Cool... I know what the banjo is and I'm first to reply so does that mean I win a prize?!?! hehehe actually my boyfriend has mucked around on a banjo before. Pretty cool instrument. I play a bunch of instruments myself - but no string instruments... I just can't get the hang of them. Although I did just pick up a bass guitar and got that pretty easily. Problem is I have little hands, just big enough to play a sax. *sob*

    Nice to meet you!!
  3. mentos_007

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    :) hey! that is great! I know banjo :) nice to meet ya
  4. Alison

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    Nice to meet you!
  5. David A Sercel

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    Apr 11, 2005
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    Florence, Alabama
    Nice to meet you. Yes, I do know what a banjo is! I play music too (anything with a keyboard). I have never been able to get the hang of string insturments though, my hands are just used to playing an insturment with a keyboard and don't seem to want to work for anything else. :)

  6. terri

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    Welcome to TPF! :raises hand: I know what a banjo is, too! :) A very unique sound and beautiful instrument. We have a lot of guitarists and a couple of violinists around here, too, but you might be our only banjoist.

    Thanks, Jeff - great interview! :thumbup:

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