Intro From Oregon

Welcome to the forum. Your niche is one that I would think to be very demanding and the customers not very forgiving. My hat is off to you!
Welcome to TPF! I live in Oregon, probably 135 miles north of you. I went to U of O, and miss the Eugene/Springfield area a lot. I just gave you your first-ever TPF "Like" !
Welcome to the forum. Always cool to see another Oregonian portrait photographer here. Looking forward to seeing your posts! The People Photography forum is located here: People Photography . It's a great place to show off your photos and often receive valuable feedback. I've improved a great deal from the advice given from others in this forum, regardless of how stubborn I may be to listen at first lol. I hope this place is useful for you as well! My inbox is always open for critique or chat.
Welcome, the ducks are pretty cool in here.

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