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    Hi everyone, I am new here but have been playing with DSLR's since 2009. Since them my tools box has evolved quite a bit:

    T3 / 18-55 Cannon
    T3 / 18-270 Tamron
    SL1 / 18-270 Tamron (bought as kit with 18-55 and the 80-200? - Sold with T3)
    7Dmii / 18-270 Tamron with newest addition being the Tokina 11-20 2.8

    Since my other hobbies are playing music, drag racing and outdoors; I find myself shooting landscapes, friends cars at the drag strip, friends bands, and also chasing my 2 year old around. This lends itself to mixed lighting situations and slow to medium/fast shutter speeds.

    The Tamron has been a pretty good all around lens but I wanted something that gave me a bit more width hence the new Tokina. I got it last Friday and so far, I like it. I went to see a friends band Sat night and took some shots there as well as followed my 2 year old through some rain puddles (her first time really jumping in them).

    Focus speed is comparable to my Tamron, definitely slower than either of the 2 lenses that came with the SL1. But I saw that in the others reviews before buying it. The focus ring clutch is a good idea but it can rock slightly when pulling it back causing it be at a slight angle/misalignment causing it to hang up between manual/auto focus so I have to be conscientious of it.

    Tested back/front focus and it was right on, so glad to see that. Image quality seems to be very good so far. Close ups at 20mm with f/stop 2.8 definitely put the background in a blur. Can't wait to go shoot some low/nigh landscape shots with it!

    Here are a couple shots of my daughter Annalise playing in the puddles. These are all:
    ISO 400
    Camera set to take a 720 x 480 JPEG and Raw (These are the JPEG's as my home DSL is extremely 4K9A0229.JPG 4K9A0206.JPG 4K9A0217.JPG 4K9A0223.JPG slow).

    Probably would have fared from a 16mm 4K9A0229.JPG 4K9A0206.JPG or taking a step back so I did not clip her hat. Good thing rainy season just started :)


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