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    Hello to All,
    If this is not posted to Intros please feel to move it or let me know and I'll redo it.
    I'm glad to have found this forum. I do have an announcement for you later.
    I have taken photos since I was old enought to hold a camera. The world is a photograph! Photography is the art form of the masses. All it takes is deciding the compostion.
    My photography has involved personal portraits, modeling, nude, product, stock car, SCCA and adult cart racing, wildlife. Also did some school photos... what a challenge, 90 seconds per kid. Since then I have had a long career in design.

    I'd like to tell you about an opportunity. My group will be traveling to Machu Picchu, Peru and south through Ecuador November 18th over Thanksgiving until December 1st. The focus will be on the Lost City perched at the summit of the Andes mountains. Then we'll move through the Andes by coach stopping to see orchids and birds as well as the 'widescape' of scenery with lush jungle and 1,000 foot waterfalls. We will visit quaint villages with the beautiful descendants of the Incas with their colorful attire and architecture of the Andes towns.
    Please visit classicorchid com This is not a business but rather a 'break even' hobby tour priced significantly less than a commercial tour. Do you already have a passport? We are not able to offer you free passage. However for someone who might already have the desire to go and portray the above, I can offer you an additional discount. And it is entirely deductible. We will also post a blog with photos so others can follow our progress through our itinerary.


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