Is a battery... is a battery... is a battery?


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Aug 22, 2007
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So I've got a Canon XSi and I'd like to get at least one more battery for it (LP-E5).

I notice that the Canon brand is $45, and adorama sells one that's a bit cheaper... but then they're all over eBay for as little as $6 each!!

Do these work just as well? I mean, for that price I could just get 3 or 4 rather than one $45 battery.

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a decent third party battery would be about 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of the manufacturer's battery.

I've discovered this with Dell and Nikon. My off-brand Nikon batteries were something like 2 for $15 and are better than the one that came with my camera. Paid $50 for a battery for my laptop, which lasts 3x longer and cost less than half of what Dell charges.

Just sayin'....
From my experience they work well for a while. I've heard that ebay batteries don't work well in very cold weather.

Other than that, the main problem I've had with them is that they don't seem to be able to be recharged as often. Still a heck of a deal pricewise compared to name brand batteries.
I Have branded batteries and elcheapo camera specific batteries (Nikon and Canon DSLR's). In 6 years I have not had one fail, or show any signs of loosing capacity. Matter of fact the only rechargeable batteries that I have had a problem with is Energizer branded AA's bought locally. Again with AA's I have branded and off brand. Only the Energizers have failed (wont charge/ lost capacity).

As for the camera specific batteries I have never done a test to see if they are actually at their stated amp capacity. But I have yet to have one seem it doesn't last as long. But I don't have to change as often as a pro shooter might.

I will say I don't fully trust the off brand batteries even though I have never had a failure. I still carry a couple of the branded ones and a couple off brand ones each time I go out. Basically I keep the count even between them. Couple of each. So, I am not totally dependant on off brand ones.
99% of the time you get what you pay for.

Definitely applies to everything except camera accessories :lol:

Batteries are all the same, except if they are made by Sony in which case they are actually fireworks in disguise. The difference you see in mAH rating is a tradeoff between total number of charge cycles (longterm life) vs total charge (shortterm life). Other than that it's all chemicals and all the chemicals are the same. In some cases you may actually find that the Brands get the components for their batteries from the same company as the offbrands.
Beware of 'counterfeit' batteries....ones that say 'Canon' or 'Nikon' etc. but are dirt cheap.

I've been using batteries from Sterlingtek for several years. They last longer than my Canon batteries and were very inexpensive.
Some are reputable, some are scams.
Heh, My XTi's battery grip holds 2 batteries, so I bought 3 batteries at 1.99 i think it was from ebay. I have had them for *many* months, probably over a year now. These work just fine for me. I use 2, leave 2 in bag and then when they die, swap them out and charge the other 2.
Beware of 'counterfeit' batteries....ones that say 'Canon' or 'Nikon' etc. but are dirt cheap.

I've been using batteries from Sterlingtek for several years. They last longer than my Canon batteries and were very inexpensive.
There's a long thread on POTN about the Sterlingtek batteries. They come highly recommended. Too bad they don't make the LP-E6 batteries yet!
You should have a look at the Power2000 Batteries. I got mine about 5 months ago for my grip for about $25. It is 1500 mAH and I have the original canon battery (1080mAH) and the Power 2000 one and havent recharged in a long time with the camera still showing full battery :D.
I have used the Phottix brand batteries and even the battery grip off of EBAY. They work great. I have 4 of their batteries for my 40D and had 2 that I used in my Rebel XT for a few years. I never saw an issue with them at all. They last just as long as the original battery.
I've had good luck with Lenviar, which have lasted for years for Sony and Olympus cameras.
Of the 8 batteries I own for my bodies 6 are Sterlingtek. Haven't had a bad one in the bunch and they outperform the OEM's. A lot of people that I know get their spares there and are very pleased. Not 3bay prices but much cheaper than OEM.

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