Is it a good time to buy a EF 24-70 F2.8L?


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Jan 7, 2009
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Miami, FL
Hi all, ive been watching the 24-70 2.8L closely since December, I lost a chance to buy it new at $1199, now Its $1249 with the $120 rebate included ending feb 4th.
From everyones experience is this as good as it's going to get should i wait?
I just bought one last weekend for $1279. Regularly $1399, but Canon has the $120 rebate until Feb 4th. $1249 sounds like a pretty good price, especially since I had been watching the lens on Amazon and it jumped back up to $1399 this week. I'd go ahead and buy before the rebate runs out! Where did you find it for $1199? Man, that would have been an awesome deal!

Amazon's 24-70 just went back down to $1279, I just checked. It's sold from different sellers on Amazon so it's been up and down depending on which company is selling it at the time, I guess.
I got one from B&H when they were $1199, watching it was the lowest price in several years, even with the Mark II version rumored to be announced this quarter I doubt the price will drop like a rock, the lens is and will always be a great lens.

Its a tough call though, good luck.
B&H has it at $1249, when It went up from. $1199 to $1249 I called and asked but they couldn't honor the past deal. I guess $1249 is at good as it gets now
DCMoney, great site, canon has one refurbished for 1119 but with taxes and shipping we are talking about $ 20-30 difference. Rather go new
I picked mine up in December for $1,299. I'd say you're fine going for it now.
I, too, missed the $1199 price at B&H, because I waited past the first of the year. But even at $1249, it was only a few dollars more than what "very good" condition used was fetching. So I bought at $1249, after kicking myself a couple of times. I had been thinking about waiting until the "mark II" would come out, but in considering there'd be a sizable price jump when that happens (2012, 2013?, 2099?), I decided to jump in now.
I have one... rumor is that a new version will come this year with IS. Of course that rumor has been around previous years as well...
I just purchased mine from Abe's of Maine yesterday! On the UPS truck today and out for delivery!! Excited!! has it for $1249 w/free shipping. I buy a lot of stuff from them (computer, camera and others). Very happy with the service and the speed of order processing. search for 'canon lenses'.
Thanks for all your input, I went for it, BH $1249 with free ground shipping. I should get it tomorrow, I also bought a 70-200mm 2.8L(mint condition) for $800 from a friend. Im broke but happy.

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